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 ICEBERG: Mission Statement:

"to promote awareness of emotional eating, to inform the public of the devastating consequences of Eating Distress and to help and guide them in preventing the increase in the number of people suffering from the potentially fatal condition that is Eating Distress."

Iceberg group has found the following:

The Obesity Task Force has failed to recognise the intrinsic link between Eating Distress, emotional eating and Obesity.

30% of the Irish population is reported to be suffering from some form of Eating Distress, but the true figures are significantly higher.

In all of the psychological illnesses, Eating Distress has the highest rates of fatalities.

The symptoms of Eating Distress have drastically increased in severity since the Obesity Task Force was launched.

The age profile of people suffering from Eating Distress has DECREASED, with many pre-teens now seeking help.

Incidents of Body Dysmorphic Disorder and Orthorexia Nervosa have increased.

Obesity and its side-effects are often devastating consequences of severe Eating Distress as people use food as an escape from deeper emotional issues.

Men are more likely to suffer from overeating/obesity and their consequences than women.

There is an urgent need to emphasise the emotional element behind overeating/obesity

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About us!

Welcome to the Eating Distress Awareness Group.
We are a group of individuals concerned with the coverage in the mass media in regards to eating disorders. Our media group is a means by which we can voice our disapproval about advertisements that send negative images and articles that show lack of awareness of eating distress. To promote change we aim to educate media industries and the public and encourage individual advocacy.
Site Updates!
THERE IS A CREATIVE BOX NOW IN THE CENTRE WHERE YOU CAN PLACE YOUR CREATIVE WORK. YOU CAN PLACE ANY WRITINGS OR DRAWINGS IN THIS BOX OR ANYTHING ELSE YOU CAN THINK OF THAT FITS IN A BOX!!. WE ARE ALSO LOOKING FOR PERSONAL ACCOUNTS OF HOW THE MEDIA HAS AFFECTED YOU AND WHAT YOUR PERCEPTION OF IT IS. If you are interested please email us with your personal account of the media at or send it to Marino Therapy Centre whose address is on the "contact us" page or place it into the box. You can either remain anonymous or inform us of what name you would like to be printed with your work.

The next ICEBERG meeting will be on the 23rd April 05 at Marino Therapy Centre.

More tips have been added on "Get your voice heard" to help sufferers,carers, family and the general public join in the campaign to spread awareness.

WHAT IS EATING DISTRESS? for information please read the page "to the media"

This site is updated frequently. Last updated on the 08 Feb 06.
Writers' Corner is where you get to read sufferers' personal accounts on how the media has affected them. There are also music reviews, book reviews, hobby reviews plus a section on why writing helps in recovery and how it has helped sufferers'.

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"400-600 advertisements bombard us everyday in magazines, on billboards, on tv, and in newspapers. One in eleven has a direct message about beauty, not even counting the indirect messages."
From About-Face organisation.
We need more messages like the one above from The Body Shop to promote diversity and healthy images.

If you need help and information please visit Clo's Eating Distress Website by going to
Marino Therapy Centre

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